Pricing Schedule

Learning Objectives

The High Performance Hip Masterclass

  1. Diagnosis of hip related hip pain including key points in the subjective and objective that will help form your diagnosis
  2. Differential diagnosis from other areas of the hip as outlined by the Doha agreement & red flags
  3. Comprehensive hip assessment looking at measuring special tests, range of motion and strength testing
  4. When to send for imaging? Pathological findings including labral tears, ligamentum teres tears, cartilage defects, synovitis and determining clinical relevance
  5. Rehabilitation for hip related issues and how to translate assessment findings into a comprehensive rehab program
  6. Key exercises & exercise progressions for early, mid and late stage rehabilitation

The Hamstring Masterclass

  1. Diagnosis and grading of different hamstring Injuries
  2. Differential diagnosis of posterior thigh pain and how to rule in or rule out
  3. How assess the Hamstring
  4. Key exercises and rehabilitation concepts and how to best incorporate them
  5. Management of intramuscular tendon injury
  6. Concepts and strategies on hamstring injury prevention

The Athletic Ankle Masterclass

  1. What is tendon pain and how to educate your patients
  2. Differential diagnosis of posterior ankle structures including joint pathologies, bony abnormalities, impingement, synovitis and tenosynovitis
  3. Step by Step assessment on how to assess the ankle and rule out pathologies and diagnoses
  4. Key Exercises for Rehabilitation
  5. The Rehabilitation Framework and Stages for joint and tendon injuries