Why CPD is Crucial for Physiotherapists

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is not just a requirement but a necessity in the ever-evolving field of physiotherapy and sports medicine. It ensures that you stay knowledgeable, competent, and effective in your practice, adapting to the latest advancements in healthcare. CPD Learning for Physiotherapists is here to guide you through this journey, offering a range of courses that span from foundational knowledge to specialised techniques.

Featured CPD Courses

Learn.Physio Courses

Dive into our flagship courses, where learning meets innovation. Experience comprehensive modules in Knee Rehabilitation CPD, ACL Injury Rehab Techniques, and much more. Our courses are crafted by leading experts, providing you with insights into the latest research and best practices.


Engage with our expert-led Masterclasses, offering deep dives into complex topics like Non-Operative ACL Management and Cross Bracing Protocol. Gain advanced knowledge and practical skills that make a real difference in your practice.

CPD Learning for Physiotherapists

Tailor your learning experience with courses focusing on specific areas like Surgical Management of Patellofemoral Instability and Hip Rehabilitation Techniques. Each course is designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your clinical skills.

Modern Learning Formats on the go

Online Physiotherapy Courses

Embrace flexibility and convenience with our online learning options. From short and sharp Practicals and Lectures to in-depth Masterclasses, get access to quality education wherever you are, whenever you want.

How to Enrol in CPD Courses for Physiotherapists

Joining our CPD Learning for Physiotherapists is simple:

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●      Select the course that meets your interests and needs

●      Purchase a Membership to start learning immediately

CPD Points for Physios

Completing our courses not only enhances your skill set but also contributes to your CPD points. Each course completion comes with a certificate, recognised for professional development credits, helping you meet your annual CPD requirements.

Resources for Physiotherapists

Explore a wealth of knowledge through our Physiotherapy Masterclasses, Practicals, Lectures, Roundtables, Executive Summaries, and Free Learning Materials. Stay updated with the latest trends, research findings, and clinical practices in the world of physiotherapy.

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