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Learning Objectives

Hip OA Masterclass

  1. What is Hip OA?
  2. Common causes of Hip OA
  3. Hip Osteoarthritis (OA) and its affect on society
  4. Hip pain and OA in females
  5. Taking a sound subjective assessment
  6. The objective assessment
  7. What are some possible RED FLAGS?
  8. The role of imaging
  9. Treatment options for Hip OA
  10. When to consider Total Hip Replacement

Shoulder OA Masterclass

  1. Develop an understanding of the current trends and perspectives of managing common shoulder pathologies
  2. Understand the current challenges in managing shoulder pain
  3. Develop an understanding of Rotator Cuff and Osteoarthritis pathologies of the Shoulder Complex
  4. Learn to differentiate between Shoulder Pathology and Cervical Spine referred pain
  5. Learn what a thorough subjective assessment should entail
  6. Learn what an objective assessment should entail
  7. Develop a framework for rehabilitation of common shoulder pathologies in the "Older Shoulder"

Knee OA Masterclass

  1. What is Osteoarthritis (OA)?
  2. What does the patient with Knee OA look like?
  3. Knee OA checklist
  4. Treatment options for Knee OA
  5. Exercise therapy for Knee OA
  6. How to prescribe and structure exercise therapy for Knee OA
  7. How to evaluate the effectiveness of your exercise treatment