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Learning Objectives

Acute ACL Injury: Treatment Options Masterclass
  1. Clinical assessment of the ACL injured knee
  2. What are the choices for the patient following acute ACL injury
  3. Who is appropriate for an initial trial of non-operative management
  4. Who is NOT appropriate for non-op management and should be referred for early ACLR
  5. What are the risks vs benefits and pros vs cons of each treatment choice

ACL Surgery & Early Post-Op Rehab Masterclass
  1. What are the indications for ACLR?
  2. Is non-operative ACL management a fad?
  3. When is the best time to perform ACLR?
  4. What does prehab ACLR look like?
  5. Graft choices for ACL surgery
  6. Risk factors for graft rupture
  7. What does early post-op rehab look like?

Early to Mid Stage ACLR Rehab Masterclass
  1. Key considerations in exercise selection in the first 6 post-op months
  2. Progressions and regressions of exercises during the first 6 post-op months
  3. How and when to introduce open chain knee extensions safely
  4. How to safely prepare the ACLR athlete for running and plyometric activities
  5. How to prepare the athlete for return to training environment
  6. A real life case study presented by Jane Rooney of an ACLR athlete's return to training and eventual return to competition