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Learning Objectives

Rib/Thoracic BSI Masterclass:

  1. What is Bone Stress Injury (BSI)?
  2. Epidemiology of Thoracic Spine/Rib BSI
  3. Technique influence on Thoracic/Rib BSI
  4. Subjective Assessment and Differential Diagnoses
  5. Objective Assessment
  6. Diagnosis and Prognosis of Thoracic/Rib BSI
  7. Contributing factors
  8. Rehabilitation and Treatment options throughout each stage of rehab

Lumbar Spine BSI Masterclass

  1. Who is at risk of Lumbar Bone Stress Injury (BSI)?
  2. What are the risk factors of Lumbar BSI and how to address them
  3. Subjective examination considerations
  4. Objective examination considerations
  5. Rehabilitation considerations
  6. Load management considerations
  7. Return to activity/sport planning

Lower Limb BSI Masterclass:

  1. Understand the pathophysiology of bone stress injuries
  2. Understand Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (REDs) and how it impacts on bone health
  3. Understand the critical times in life when bone stress injuries are likely to occur
  4. Develop a sound subjective and objective assessments
  5. Develop an understanding of key management options for lower limb bone stress injuries
  6. Learn preventative measures to reduce risk of lower limb bone stress injuries