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Plyometrics are essential to a successful ACLR rehab and return to sport.

Enjoy this free preview of Steve and Mick discuss how they incorporate plyometrics into their rehab plans during late stage ACLR rehab

Learning Objectives

  1. Exercise prescription for late stage stage ACLR rehab
  2. Agility, change of direction & plyometric considerations in late stage ACLR
  3. Understand psychological and confidence aspects of late stage ACLR
  4. Return to sport testing considerations for the late stage ACLR court based athlete

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Gym Rehab

You may have restored hypertrophy and strength back in your athlete, but have you restored rate of force development and power? Steve and Mick take you through the things you need to be thinking about when prescribing gym exercises in this late stage

Sport Specific Training

With Steve's experience working with elite basketballers, he shares with you some of his favouorite rehab drills to improve confidence in agility, change of direction and landing work.

Return to Sport Testing

Sharpen up your return to sport testing battery with the latest evidence and discussion about what tests you should be using and how to interpret the results you find

Steve McAdam

M.Sports Physio | B.Physio | B/Ex. Sci

Steve is an APA titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist having completed both his undergraduate physiotherapy (2009) and Masters of Sports Physiotherapy (2017) studies at Latrobe University. He has worked with elite and recreational athletes in both Australia and UK.

He is currently lead Physiotherapist for Melbourne United Basketball in the NBL. He has previously worked with The Western Bulldogs Football Club and elite athletes from Rugby League, soccer and endurance sports

Steve has developed a special interest in jumping related injuries of the knee and ankle. He enjoys the challenge of helping people overcome chronic issues that cause pain and limit performance and participation. 

Steve has completed the Level 1 ASCA strength and conditioning course and is passionate about the important role of exercise as medicine. 

Mick Hughes

M.Sports Physio | B.Physio | B/Ex. Sci

Mick Hughes is an Australian trained Physiotherapist who has recently passed advanced training to become a Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist. He consults at the North Queensland Physiotherapy Centre and has a strong clinical interest in ACL injury prevention and rehabilitation. He sees between 20-30 ACL patients per week; ranging from the acutely injured all the way to 10+ years post ACL reconstruction. On top of his clinical workload, he is also the co-founder of both the Melbourne ACL Rehabilitation Guide and – an online continuing education platform for health professionals.